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A Lovely Little Ramble-Infinite Universes
    I believe in infinite universes.  One may be the same as the one in which we all reside, but someone decided to wear a blue shirt one day instead of green.  Billions of universes created every day, based off choices everyone makes every second.
    This may be a belief based on a bit of wish fulfillment.  At one point after a nasty breakup, I told myself somewhere in the infinite universes, I'm happy with him.  Of course, this leads to another universe, where I'm still with this guy, but miserable.  The possibilities from that one outcome alone are endless.  We could be together and I'm famous, but he's not, or he's famous and I'm not, or we live in England and we met on his first day working at a coffee shop in a bookstore I work in.  Whatever.  It's endless.
    And it's not only the mundane things such as relationships (although those being defined as mundane is another thing), this extends to fictional univer
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 1 1
Friendships and a 3DS
I am a gamer, and my happiest moments in my gaming career
Comes from a DS.
I got the upgrade, but life has forced me to forget it.
My little 3DS.
Then the summer came along, and I picked it up,
That blue 3DS.
I'd go to theatre and see you with
A small 3DS.
We bonded over our games together
On our 3DS.
While that time has passed and we've separated,
I can't help but smile when
That little orange light brightens the corner
Of my little 3DS.
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 1 3
Do I do it for attention?
Do I do to be seen?
Why do I get on stage?
Just what does it mean to me?
There's a certain kind of magic
When the spotlight shines opening night.
When the dialogue is sparking,
And the cast is in character,
And the audience is invested,
And everything is just right.
It's perfect, that feeling,
All eyes on us, 
The slight gasp with the game-changing line,
The laugh from the slapstick,
The "aww" from the kiss between the romantic leads...
It's like nothing else in the world.
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 3 1
Saturday Mornings
When I was seven years old, I'd wake up early Saturday morning
To watch my favorite cartoons on TV.
Danny Phantom, Spongebob, Avatar,
I loved them all.
By the time I was 13,
I thought I grew out of them.
(save for Avatar, of course)
I was a big kid,
Cartoons were for the younger crowd.
Now I'm in high school,
Nearing entrance to the real world,
And when it's Saturday morning,
And I'm the only one around,
I turn on the TV,
And watch my favorite cartoons on TV.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,
Adventure Time,
And, of course, Avatar.
I'm a big kid, who cares it's for the younger crowd?
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 3 5
Graduation Day
I may not be a senior, but I still go.
Partially because I have to, but I need to as well.
I look out across the football field at the graduates...
The same field we marched on every Friday.
The same field we forged bonds.
Bonds that'll be forgotten?
As for the seniors, I feel my heart break.
So many of them I was close friends with.
So many I still want to talk to.
So many I'm afraid will forget me.
The conductor raises his baton, and I try to focus on my music.
I hear all their names called.
And each one of our seniors, the band seniors,
Looks over at us.
And I know, that they'll remember each and every one of us.
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 2 2
To Those Who Wish To Dishearten Me
To those who shower put-downs,
To those who pour insults,
To those who wish to dishearten me,
You're not getting your way.
I've fought you for over a year now.
You show no signs of stopping.
Yet I continue to outdo myself,
Occasionally even outdoing you.
Yes, I have faltered a little,
But that was ages ago.
Now I'm older, wiser,
Mentally and emotionally I've grown.
So while I may stumble.
(And I know you'll be there to point it out)
I'll always get up and be better.
So, dislikers, work it out.
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 1 2
Writing Stuff
    What do I feel like writing?  There's a lot I could write...
    There's that fanfiction I thought about during Algebra.  The one where Harry Potter goes on a quest with Cumberbach's Sherlock and Smith's Doctor.  Hm.  That'd be good.  At least it'd raise a few eyebrows.  Oh, hey, there's that poem I tossed together on the back of my Algebra homework!  All about how much I hate Algebra.  Not that great though...
    Poetry! Now that's an idea.  Wax philosophical about something pointless.  Use little rhyme or meter.  Or write about the invisibility of the common me.  Or about being a geek.  Eh.  That'll get me nowhere.  What else?
    I could always write a steampunk/sci-fi/vampire story.  Steampunk's popular.  Sci-fi's cool.  And the mere mention of vampires would draw in thousands of Twihards.  How to start  "The mechanical district
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 3 1
Poem of Romantic-ness?
Do you think that I am pretty?
'Cause I think I''m simply silly
For thinking you would like me
But what do you see?
A goofy girl with a smile,
Would you like to talk a while?
A lonely girl with no friends,
Smiling, but to what end?
Maybe I'm just dramatic
Or maybe I'm ecstatic
I just don't know how to feel
Is this my first love that's really real?
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 4 3
Whovians and Homecoming
   School spirit.  Homecoming.  Dress-Up Day. Three things that were happing today.  The first two I could care less about, but the third...I was bristling with excitement.  From the moment I woke up, fifteen minutes before my alarm went off, I was energized and hurrying to get ready.  I threw open my closet doors and pulled my costume off it's hanger.  Grinning, I got dressed and headed off.
    Once I got to school, a million eyes greeted me in the commons.  Well, things were going as expected so far.
    I was wearing a tweed jacket over a off-white dress shirt, with red suspenders and dress pants, with a bow-tie topping it all off.
    I was the Doctor.
    Crossdressing day was on Wednesday, but this was different.  This. Was. Cosplay!
    "Anne!" My best friend, Grace, called to me.  She was wearing a bright pink wig and accompanying bright pink
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 6 10
Canada x Reader~Hot Chocolate on a Cold Day
     Matthew stumbled out of the country's meeting into the cold day outside, his bear Kumajiro in his backpack. Why did nobody notice him?  Well, Alfred said hi, until he started a fight with Arthur, who then chased him off.  Even Arthur couldn't see him.  He apparently could see fairies and some "flying mint bunny" he's always talking to quietly during the meetings.
     But not Matthew.
     The Canadian wandered aimlessly, not looking where he was going until...thud!  Matthew backed up a few steps, frantically apologizing, "I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Maple..."
     "No, it's alright," the person he ran into said.  "I wasn't paying attention to where I was going!"  They apologized faster than Matthew.  It was a girl, with beautiful (h/c) hair, and gorgeous (e/c) eyes.  She tilted her head as she paused her apologies, a reluctant smile crossing her face.  
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 20 10
Artistic!England x Reader~Sketch
    "OHONHONHONHON~ze black sheep has a little crush, now, does he?" 
    "SHUT IT YOU WANKER." Arthur yelled in the middle of the cafe, getting more than a few weird looks in the process.  In Francis' hand, there was a sketch of (y/n) staring out of a window, sunlight striking her just right.  It was a beautiful picture, which Arthur had spent quite a bit of time on.  Francis was holding it just out of the Brit's reach.  "If I answer you, would you shut up?"
    "Fine, yeah, I kind of like her..."  The Englishman admitted, running his hand through his blonde hair.
    "Ze little black sheep has a heart?"
   Francis looked the sketch over again.  An idea came to him, and a grin crossed his face. "You know, Angleterre, I could clean this up for you, if you were to present this to (y/n) as a lovers gift," he offered.  Arthur was a bit thrown off by his of
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 31 16
Backstage~Ch. 3~Score
   "OOO! No, can you find the piano theme from last year's Doctor Who Christmas special?"  Jake asked in a burst of excitement.
    "Clara's theme?  Oh yes, that'd be brilliant!  Maybe for the end?"
    "Or...that scene," Jake added.  The infamous act 3, scene 2 had been semi-jokingly referred to as that scene for the past 3 weeks.  After the initial shock wore off, the scene really didn't seem like that big of a deal.  Alice and Matt have been spending more time together, to get all the awkward out, I guess.  Although, they aren't going out. Alice and Matt both have relationships, and things are going well from what I've heard.  Alice and her boyfriend have been going out for a while, as have Matt and his girlfriend.  Apparently they're cool with the whole onstage kiss thing.  Good for them.
    Anyway, we've been blocking still, but we're almost done with act 2! Ja
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 0 4
England x Reader~Self-Harm
   Why can't I do anything right in that class, you thought as you left your math class.  The sub you had for the last two weeks hated you and called you out every time your attention drifted for the slightest moment.  Of course, everyone else thought it was funny and giggled each time the sub called out your name.
    Unfortunately, due to this, you fell back on old habits you thought you grew out of.  After what felt like the thousandth time the sub yelled at you, you started digging your nails into the back of your hand.  It hurt, and as you walked to lunch, you hoped no one would notice the red marks on your hand, or think they're just pen marks.  

    You sat down at your usual lunch table with your friends, Matthew, the quiet Canadian, Alfred, his polar opposite brother,  Kiku, the Japanese otaku equivalent of Matthew, and Arthur, the gentlemanly Brit, and quickly your depr
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 50 12
Fighting for the Prize
"Okay, listen, you don't like me at the moment, and the feeling is mutual, but we have to get through this before we fight any further."
"Why? Why? If I open that door, and throw you out, we'll be done here, May!  Or, well, I will."
"Because you want that treasure just as much as I do, Simon.  And I'm the only one in the world who knows where it is."
"Why did I let you read that note? Why not me? And why in the hell are we together in this!"
"They're trying to scare us. By firing warning shots."
"By the sound of it, they're getting close."
"It came from outside, and we're on the third floor of this building. In a secret passage in it, at that."
"Stroke of luck, that, eh?"
"I suppose so, yeah..."
"Simon, we need to stop leaning against the door, barricade it on the off chance they find it, and try and decipher the clue. And how we're splitting the treasure."
"Agreed.  You write down the clue, and I'll do the barricading."
"Right, will
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 1 6
Of Nerdiness and Fandoms
Being a nerd is awesome
There's so much to explore
From manga to anime to gaming to cult shows
There's so much out there to enjoy.
Being a nerd is lonely
When there's no one who enjoys it too
At school, without a fandom peer
Being a nerd is amazing
Because you're never really alone
There's so many out there who love what you do too
From fan fictions to art and even music too
Who cares about the haters
When we stick together
:icongeekgirl11:GeekGirl11 7 4



So, I have no reason I'm not on that much.  Bleh.
But, apparently, my friend and I are writing a little supernatural story, specifically one that won't use the tropes you'd find in the section known as "teen fiction," but is mostly populated by vampire romance.  Or werewolf or ghost or mermaid or faerie...
So that's coming.
Until then, I'll write some stuff.  And maybe not die again.


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Girl, Geek
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I am a nerd, as is probably obvious. I enjoy Doctor Who, Firefly, and anime such as Madoka Magica, among other things and play Xbox a lot. I've recently gotten into Hetalia.
I'm not much of an artist, but (at least I think) I can write pretty well. So, I'll probably be posting stories and poetry. Apparently, I can also write fanfiction? At least people say so. Enjoy!


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